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Good skin care is important at any age and it is never to late to reclaim bright, firm, supple skin.

Practice good skin care now. The earlier to start, the better your skin will look as you age.

Shopping for anti-aging products can be very tricky. Because I have extremely dry skin, I have to consider this when shopping for skin care products. After much experimentation, I am, currently, using a skin care line from Soap & Glory, plus coconut oil at night and am finding it very effective. Because everyone’s skin type is unique, you must take this into account when shopping for anti-aging products.

I’m sure everyone has been effected by acne, either directly or indirectly, in their life time. Acne can cause feelings of insecurity due to being taunted by peers, not accepted into some social circles, etc. No-one is sure what causes acne but some believe it is due a rise in androgen levels in puberty while others think the cause may be genetic. Acne can effect people of all races and ages but, occurs most often during puberty. Males suffer from acne longer then females which could be due to higher testosterone levels. Mild acne can usually be treated with OTC (over-the-counter) medications which are applied topically to the skin. More severe acne is generally treated with medications which are prescribed by a physician.

Tips for Good Skin Care

  • All beautiful skin starts with cleansing and ends with moisturising. Depending on your individual needs, there may be steps in between.

  • It is important to choose the correct skin care product for your skin type.

  • Keep your skin moisturised.

  • Coconut oil makes a great night treatment for dry/extra dry skin. Use it every other day and, then, back off when your skin maintains some moisture at the end of the day.

  • A little product goes a long way; a little dab will do it.

  • Good skin care products don't need to break the bank.

Check out the Skin Care page for more tips on choosing the right skin care regime' for you.


The first cosmetic products appeared thousands of years ago, but the 20th century gave birth to the majority of them. Testing of cosmetics on animals is one of the ways of ensuring health of consumers who will use these products on their skin. However, this practice has been banned in many regions of the world.

As the saying goes, “If you look good, you feel good.” Make-up instills increased feelings of self esteem.

Whether you want a natural, healthy glow for a day at the office or a dramatic look for a night on the town, you will find top of the line make-up products to help you achieve both. No matter where you're going, you are going to look great!!

Make-up Tips

  • It is important to choose a foundation appropriate to your skin type.

  • Your foundation color should look natural; no make-up up line at the jaw line.

  • Concealer works best when applied over the foundation - if applied first it tends to rub off.

  • Choose a type of blush appropriate for your skin type.

  • Your face shape determines how and where you apply your blush.

  • Choose a lip stick shade which is a similar color to your blush and works with your skin type.

  • For dry lips, try Vicks Vaper Rub. It's amazing.

  • Check out eye shadow best suited for your eye color. Make your eyes pop.

  • Use an eye-liner that is easy for you to apply. I, personally, can not master liquid liner.

  • There are several colors and types of mascara out there. Choose one which is easily applied.

Check out the Make-up page for more tips and advice.


It is as important to keep your body nourished to avoid the signs of ageing as it is for your face.

Daily cleansing can be very harsh on your skin. So keep it gentle by:

  • Limiting bath or shower time and using warm water.

  • Choosing mild cleansers over strong soaps.

  • Applying shaving cream, lotion or gel, using a clean, sharp razor and shaving in the direction the hair grows.

  • Patting or blotting your skin dry.

  • Moisturizing your skin with a moisturizer which fits your skins needs.

I use Aveeno on my dry skin and highly recommend it to everyone.

Body Care Tips:

  • The skin on your body requires exfoliation as much as your face.

  • Your body needs moisturised at least once daily.

  • Apply lotions to moist skin as it helps lock in moisture.

  • Shower off following a bath to remove any unwanted residue from bath products.

  • Body butters are great for dry skin.

  • When waxing, apply wax carefully to avoid removing more hairs than you want.

The Bath & Beauty page carries an array of products to keep your body nourished.


Your hands and feet - they’re probably the hardest working parts of your body, but the most neglected.

Tips for soft feet

  • To eliminate calluses, I suggest you purchase an Electronic Foot File. I consider my 'Amope Pedi' my best friend. Now, with regular use, I have callous free, soft feet. I keep my nails healthy and looking good with my ManiPedi. These products are a must for everyone.

A night time foot care routine is the first step to keeping them healthy, soft and beautiful.

  • Start by washing and drying your feet. Pay extra attention to your toenails and the spaces between your toes.

  • Next, you need to remove dead and hard skin from your feet regularly with an Electronic Foot File.

  • The final step is to moisturize your feet with an extremely thick foot moisturizer and put on a pair of cotton socks

Tips for Soft Hands

  • To remind yourself to moisturize your hands, place bottles of lotion by the sinks in your kitchen and bathroom.

  • Carry a small bottle of lotion in your purse so you can moisturize on the go.

  • When you exfoliate your face use the excess product and exfoliate hands. When you moisturize your face rub the excess into your hands and cuticles.

  • In addition moisturizing your hands and using cuticle creams, apply extremely rich lotions, hand salves and cuticle oil, put on cotton overnight gloves and go to bed. By the morning your hands will feel super soft and hydrated.

  • Healthy cuticles lead to healthy nails.

The Hands & Feet page has products I'm sure you'll love.


Everyone wants beautiful hair and with the correct products and tools this wish is attainable.

Fine hair is not the same as thin hair as fine hair has smaller hair follicles than thicker hair and thin hair lacks hair follicles. Both thick and thin heads of hair may be comprised of fine hair.

If, like me, you have fine hair there are specific things you should pay attention to:

  • Choose a short, layered cut with a bang.

  • Condition before you shampoo

  • Use Apple Cider vinegar weekly to get rid of product build-up

  • Spritz damp hair with a salt spray

  • Air dry

  • Use volumizing sprays sparingly

NOTE: "Coloring your hair adds volume."

Healthy Hair Tips

  • Use the right products for your hair type.

  • Gels tend to be too heavy for longer hair but are a great product for short hair

  • Products don't need to be expensive. Your Super Market has some great products at reasonable prices.

  • Dish soap is great for removing product buildup.

  • Especially for dry hair, air dry in place of blow drying as blow drying dries out your hair.

  • As you age, choose a hair style that gives you a youthful look. As a rule. long hair exaggerates your age while shorter hair gives you a more youthful look.

Wigs are back in style and many women with thinning hair are wearing them. But you don't have to be suffering with hair loss to wear one. They are great for a bad hair day.

Check out the Hair Care page for reasonably priced products for your hair.

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